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Add ratings in the Recipe Card Comments and put the nutrition label inside the recipe card#22

It will be great if you add rating in the comments. When I am using the Recipe Card Block, many readers are confused why don’t I have rating in the comments. This is very discouraging and I am considering to switch to WP Recipe Makers or WP Tasty.

Please include this ASAP. I had my website audited by an SEO expert and they said this recipe plugin is not good.

Also, please put the nutrition label inside the recipe card. If you see WP tasty and WP Recipe Makers, there nutrition are within the recipe card not separate. It looks ugly.

I hope you can fix this so I will be happy to continue using this recipe plugin. Thanks

8 months ago
Changed the status to
7 months ago

We’ve released today version 3.0 of the PRO version, and now it includes rating in the comments. Enjoy!

7 months ago